Mission & Values

Eutopia. Mission & Values.

Rather than having a mission statement (come on - we all know what most companies are looking to achieve), we thought you would prefer to know a little about our beliefs and values - we think these much more important anyway.  So, without further ado and in no particular order, here they are….

Commitment & Responsibility.

Core to who we are and what we do is Commitment and Responsibility. For many recruitment and staffing companies this means a commitment to their shareholders - but in our world this means commitment to our clients - and to getting the job done, no matter what.

Put slightly more eloquently, it means being responsible for helping our clients to deliver on their own business plans and goals. It is this level of mature approach that has enabled us to grow our own business almost 100% by repeat business and recommendation.
Valued Business Insight.

Understanding the markets we operate in is key to us - a value that we impart to our consultants on a daily basis. Our training is all focused around turning out well rounded business people (not merely recruiters) - who are able to hold credible and knowledgeable conversations with their clients - as well as advising on strategic, structural and procedural changes in the IT, Telecoms and global employment markets generally.
World Class Talent.

If we were to pick one goal that we aim for daily, it would be the acquisition of World Class Talent - the very individuals that can truly make a difference to our clients.  Finding these people and then connecting them to our preferred clients is possibly the most satisfying feeling we can think of. And whilst these individuals do not grow on trees, we work tirelessly to find them.

This ethos extends to our own stringent hiring policy - ensuring that we only bring on board the best consultants to work with our clients. Whilst it is tempting to grow our business quicker by lowering our standards, we believe that this is a false economy. In fact, for every 100 people we interview to work with us, only 2-3 make it though our doors - ensuring we can spend valuable time growing the best possible individuals to entrust to our clients.

Creative Solutions / Passionate Delivery.

Give us a challenge - a project where there seems to be no possible answer - and let Eutopia demonstrate its ability to conceive, structure and deliver world class solutions that get the job done. 

How can we say this so confidently? Because we've done it time and time again.  This is no idle promise - Eutopia has developed numerous ground-breaking resource-related solutions in recent years - and can proudly provide examples of these upon request.

And whilst the plan needs to be a good one, so does the effort that goes into the delivery - and this is where our blood really starts pumping.  We have a true passion for the business of recruiting - in fact, this is not just a business for us - it is who we are.

We love coming to work - we love our clients - we love what we do - and, at the risk of annoying our spouses, we'd love to get passionate with you real soon!

Sustainable Business.

Hopefully you'll notice from this site that Eutopia is different from your average stuffy bunch of global headhunters.  However, we hope that you'll also notice that somethings we take very seriously - including our commitment and responsibility to the world in which we live.

From our very approach to business, to our Global Community Initiatives and to our Green Policy, it's all about ensuring that we put the foundations in place for a business environment that is responsible and committed to ensuring future generations have the same oppportunities that we do.

We encourage all our stakeholders (shareholders, employees, suppliers, clients and candidates) to think and act in a similar fashion - and we look forward to conducting responsible and sustainable business with you all soon.